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Sam Raimi to direct live-action Warcraft movie. This is happening.

Posted in Movie, WoW with tags , , , , , , , on July 22, 2009 by mornaur

More than three years after Blizzard announced their intentions to produce a live-action feature film based on the Warcraft universe, and after a fairly long news drought regarding the issue, it has come to light that director Sam Raimi of Evil Dead and Spider-man fame, has been sign on to direct the film.

This movie still has my vote to be the first successful (critically and commercially) film based off a video game. When they initially announced the Prince of Persia film, I was hoping that would be the first one, but looking at it now, I highly doubt it. I’ve got confidence that Blizzard has enough pride in their work that they would not allow a sub-par product to ship.

The film will be produced jointly by Blizzard and Legendary Pictures (300, The Dark Knight, Watchmen), and distributed by Warner Bros. Per previous announcements made many years back, this movie will not lack in the budget department. Blizzard initially reported that the movie’s budget would exceed $100 million. With all the big names being tacked onto the movie thus far, I would not doubt it.

In terms of plot, Blizzard originally stated that it will not be one of the main plotlines from within Warcraft lore, although it may run concurrent to one of them. The main character will most likely also not be one of the well-known ones from the game. It’ll be interesting to see what Blizzard comes up with.

Hit the jump for a copy of the article covering it and the official press release from Blizzard.
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Review: The Prestige

Posted in Movie, Prestige, review on May 29, 2007 by joshhest

Can the ever-so-dazzling Scarlett Johannson work a little bit of magic in this tale of dueling magicians?

In short: no.

Though lauded by many critics and playing host to personal favorite Michael Caine this is in the end a movie with too many twists, too little misdirection. Utterly unacceptable in a movie (ostensibly) about men who have mastered the craft of hiding important things until just the right moment.

And Tesla. Tesla! His inclusion in the movie is just so ridiculous and out of place as to jerk the viewer (at least this one) out of the subtly ominous atmosphere that the early portions of the movie seem to work so hard to preserve. A keenly chosen palette of colors along with a suitably drab, unaffected score help to place the viewer in a place where almost anything can, and does, happen with very little psychological backing to place it in context.

Director Chris Nolan does get a chance to strut his stuff as a master of flashbacks and other storytelling tricks, but to the movie’s detriment. The turns and recovered memories, however complex and interesting they might seem, perturb the film’s natural rhythm and create a plodding pace that doesn’t fit with the thriller that the movie begs to become as it rushes toward what is clearly intended to be the big finish–the great reveal.

In the end, for me, this movie devolves into a very basic and uninteresting premise that goes on far too long for my tastes: a clash between two rival magicians.

But instead of grand men with grand ideas fighting for superiority, we have children bickering over whose toy is best.

The acting was fine, not stellar.

Score: 72/100