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Street Fighter IV National Tournament Coverage

Posted in Capcom, street fighter on April 24, 2009 by drtactix


Its been a while since the Gamestop and Capcom sponsored National Tournament was held last week, but the internet at my house is broken (along with my 360, but that’s another blog all together).  Luckily, I have a quick 45 minutes to blog during my office hours!

I was super stoked to go to this tournament, partly cause I love Capcom, and also because I love Street Fighter.  It was held at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in SF, which is a little off the beaten path.  I arrived a bit late, so when I got there, tons of people were already inside watching the Quarter-Finals take place.  It was held in the largest venue that I’ve seen for a gaming event so far, with lots of room for gaming kiosks and places to get free swag such as shirts and hats. Hit the jump to read more!

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MvC2 Announced in Four Days?

Posted in Capcom, Xbox 360 on April 23, 2009 by drtactix

As seen on various gaming blog sites, the news that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will be coming to XBLA and maybe PS3 has taken a HUGE turn.  Recently found on the internets is the website

Its a cryptic web address, that currently only has a countdown in front of the number 2.  What could the web address mean?

I’m going to TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE!!!!!

My pants are tight with anticipation.

Rumor: Marvel vrs Capcom 2 for XBLA??

Posted in AMAZING, Capcom, Rumor on April 17, 2009 by drtactix


Its something that I’ve been waiting for….my all time fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 2 has been rumored to come to XBLA for a while.  And if the rumors are to be believed, this may be more true than we think.

On the Shoryuken boards, there is a list of screenshots that show MvC2 in on the XBLA blades. Link had a listing for a special Mad Catz MvC2 fighting stick with a description that was QUICKLY taken down. Link

There is now a list of achievements online for MvC2! Link

All this is starting to build up and get me sweating with excitement for the inevitable announcement, which, when it happens, I will cry tears of joy.

They will taste great.

SFIV National Tournament Finalists!!

Posted in Capcom, street fighter on April 5, 2009 by drtactix

As reported earlier here on GAredux and all around the internets, Gamestop and Capcom hosted a nation-wide tournament for Street Fighter IV.  Although I didn’t get a chance to compete like I wanted to (stupid grad school), many people did…..and on March 16th (I know…old news…) the finalists who won a trip to compete in nationals was announced.

Luckily for me, the SFIV National Tournament Finals will be held in San Francisco on April 18th, so you can count on me checking out the event to report the event from a hands on persepective.  As it states on the Capcom Unity blog, the event is open to the public and will be a Street Fighter extravaganza and will have some special surprises announced soon.  Anyway hit the jump for a list of the finalists, and stay tuned to GAredux for coverage of this event!


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SFIV Intro Theme is Amazing.

Posted in Capcom, Xbox 360 with tags , on February 16, 2009 by drtactix

SFIV is coming to consoles VERY SOON, and I am so excited. Imagine my feelings when the intro video was linked to on Dtoid’s IRC.

So, this is amazing. Not only is the art really awesome, but there is what sounds like a boyband pop song as the intro music.

I’m so happy 🙂

Halfway through the video, the song changes to an epic and more traditional sounding battle theme. In the Japanese version of the intro, the pop song plays throughout the whole video; but judging from the youtube comments and comments in IRC, I can understand why Capcom decided to cut the pop song short.

Get pumped!! INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!

New Street Fighter Website Launched

Posted in art, Capcom, street fighter on January 30, 2009 by drtactix

[Edit: Turns out the site is temporarily down until further notice….Sad Panda…-Jesse]

In honor of the upcoming SF4 (which I’m anxiously awaiting!) and celebrating 20 years of SF love, members of Team SFD have launched a new site that has the largest collection of Street Fighter images on the internet! The announcement is below:

Team SFD is pleased to announce that their latest website “Street Fighter” has just launched, complete with OVER ONE THOUSAND Street Fighter images, archiving over 20 years of history and culture! Fans will find High Resolution and Extremely Rare Street Fighter art by Akiman, Bengus, Shinkiro, Ikeno, Edayan, Kinu, Shoei, Udon Crew and more, each at a resolution up to an unprecedented 1500 Pixels in height/width.

“It took us a very long time to create this website; almost as long as it took for us to build Street Fighter Devotion. In the end, we are very pleased with the results. Our continued love for Street Fighter, Capcom and its Fans has led us to build extensive community websites such as these, and we will continue to grow parallel with the series. We hope you enjoy the website.” – SFD

While Street Fighter Devotion focuses on Merchandise History, Street Fighter HD focuses on Art History. Both websites are independent from each other, and will continue to support the Street Fighter community in their unique ways.

So if you want some new backgrounds, buddy icons, or just want to check out the wonderful art history of one of Capcom’s most beloved series, you should check this site out! (Cammy pics, here I come!)

[via Capcom-Unity blog]