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“So I hopped on a fucking DINOSAUR, traveled back to the present, and stomped the shit out of robot zombies. Did you just read that sentence? Did you really? I FUCKING TRAVELED THROUGH TIME AND JUMPED ON A DINOSAUR AND USED IT TO KILL MOTHERFUCKING ROBOT ZOMBIES. This game is unbelievable. Impossible. There’s nothing you can’t do. Holy fucking shit.”

Scribblenauts and the motherf*cking robot zombies screenshot


First gameplay video of TMNT: Turtles in Time remake

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When the concept of downloading old games was first realized, there were three games I swore I would buy regardless of the cost.  Secret of Mana, which I have on the Virtual Console, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, which will come out this summer and the greatest brawler of all time, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time, which I am still waiting on….

But not for long! Hit the jump for details and video!

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Rumor: Marvel vrs Capcom 2 for XBLA??

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Its something that I’ve been waiting for….my all time fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 2 has been rumored to come to XBLA for a while.  And if the rumors are to be believed, this may be more true than we think.

On the Shoryuken boards, there is a list of screenshots that show MvC2 in on the XBLA blades. Link had a listing for a special Mad Catz MvC2 fighting stick with a description that was QUICKLY taken down. Link

There is now a list of achievements online for MvC2! Link

All this is starting to build up and get me sweating with excitement for the inevitable announcement, which, when it happens, I will cry tears of joy.

They will taste great.

GDC 09: Satoru Iwata Nintendo keynote liveblogged via Destructoid

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I’ll have a full writeup on this later, but here is a teaser of things covered at Iwata’s keynote address that JUST ended.

– Lots of Miyamoto talk on how he designs games

– New storage on the Wii!  Ability to store and play Wiiware/VC games directly from SD cards via Wii System Menu 4.0, available now!

-DSi game announced: Wario Ware Snapped.  Uses the DSi camera Wario Ware style!

-Two FF games for Wiiware announced….Final Fantasy: My Life as a Darklord and Final Fantasy IV: the Afteryears


Look forward to screenshots and videos of the above as soon as I can get my hands on them (and am not at lab!)

GDC 09: Satoru Iwata Nintendo keynote liveblogged.

GDC 09: OnLive, a gaming service for your PC

Posted in AMAZING with tags on March 24, 2009 by drtactix

GDC is just beginning and already the news coming out of it is quite intriguing.  Spotted on IGN’s GDC coverage is the preview of OnLive, an on-demand videogame service for your PC.  If OnLive has their way, you won’t need to purchase consoles any more!

The idea behind OnLive is that, if you have a computer screen and a broadband connection, you can access games that are stored online for you to play whenever you’d like (grant it you purchase or rent them of course).  But what about PC specs, you ask?  That’s where OnLive offers something new….all of the games will be stored on the server side of things, which will basically allow you to play graphic intensive games such as Crysis, regardless of your own personal PC power.

Only time will tell how effective this may be, and that time may be sooner than we think.  OnLive plans to have an invitational beta through the summer with a planned launch of around winter 2009.  Check out the trailer below for what the interface looks like, and read the IGN article to find out lots more about this possibly revolutionary service.

IGN: GDC 09: OnLive Introduces The Future of Gaming.

Periodic Table of Videogame Characters

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Brought to you by the site I Heart Chaos is an image that is COMPLETELY me.  Click on the image to take you to the post….Merging videogames with chemistry, this periodic table of videogame characters can also be bought as a poster.

Good show IHC…good show 😀

Quit Stalin, and Dance!

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The game I never knew I wanted so badly: