Street Fighter IV National Tournament Coverage


Its been a while since the Gamestop and Capcom sponsored National Tournament was held last week, but the internet at my house is broken (along with my 360, but that’s another blog all together).  Luckily, I have a quick 45 minutes to blog during my office hours!

I was super stoked to go to this tournament, partly cause I love Capcom, and also because I love Street Fighter.  It was held at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in SF, which is a little off the beaten path.  I arrived a bit late, so when I got there, tons of people were already inside watching the Quarter-Finals take place.  It was held in the largest venue that I’ve seen for a gaming event so far, with lots of room for gaming kiosks and places to get free swag such as shirts and hats. Hit the jump to read more!

Anyway, due to my awesomeness, I was able to secure a media badge from my friends at Capcom (YAY!) and got into the VIP section, where I spent a lot of my time.  Up there, there were special gaming kiosks that allowed me to play without waiting in a huge line, free drinks and snacks such as grapes and small yummy desserts, and I had a good view of the action.


Speaking of the action, I was quite surprised not by the caliber of the fighters, but by the choices in characters.  The Semi-finals had E. Honda vs. Balrog, and Balrog vs. Rufus.  It made for very interesting matches (MC’d by Seth Killian himself, which ultimately pit Justin Wong (of epic Ken/Chun Li EVO video fame) as Rufus against Mike Ross as E. Honda.  Justin Wong played a very good Rufus and came out on top as the National Champion, winning a Street Fighter IV cabinet and the chance to fight the international champions, Poongko (Korea), Iyo (Japan), and the legendary Daigo.

The international fights were SO epic.  I only took a little video, but below you can see Iyo’s Dhalsim vs. Poongko’s Ryu.

The finals of the international tournament had Justin Wong go up against Daigo, and the matches were insane…but in the end, Daigo emerged victorious.  I was so hoping Seth Killian would take him on in the end, cause then I would have gone crazy!

Back in the media section, Justin Wong showed up..I was soooo close to asking him a couple of EXCLUSIVE questions, but he was being whisked away by people to the celebration table, where there were lots of really drunk people.  All I managed to get out was a “Congratulations man!” and a shoulder pat…which for me was kinda a big deal.  Justin Wong, although he lost in that epic match, is amazing.

Anyway, it was a great fun night which was made complete when I was hit on by two dudes driving a truck as I was walking away from the event.  Oh San Fran. 😀

Enjoy the pictures!


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