Resident Evil 5 “Versus” DLC releasing TOMORROW!

To tie into my recent review of Resident Evil 5, I just found out that Capcom has announced that they are releasing a DLC April 7th. The DLC will add two modes: Survivor and Slayer. Survivor mode will pit players against each other, while Slayer mode will pit players against the Majini (and compete against each other score-wise). Both modes will be available in 1v1 or 2v2 format. The DLC shall cost 400 MS points ($5.00), so it’s definitely a bargain price.

This Versus DLC is the reason I bought RE5 soon after it was released at nearly full retail price. We’ll see how well Versus works with the control mechanics in RE5. It’s no secret that movement in RE5 is sort of clunky. I wonder if matchups will end up being two players standing in place shooting at each other, as I don’t really know how much advantage you can get through maneuvering.

I’ve been looking forward to this DLC, so I’ll reserve my opinions on it until I play it. Hoping to be playing this online tomorrow if I can get the chance. Jesse, hit me up for on this shit tomorrow!


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