SFIV National Tournament Finalists!!

As reported earlier here on GAredux and all around the internets, Gamestop and Capcom hosted a nation-wide tournament for Street Fighter IV.  Although I didn’t get a chance to compete like I wanted to (stupid grad school), many people did…..and on March 16th (I know…old news…) the finalists who won a trip to compete in nationals was announced.

Luckily for me, the SFIV National Tournament Finals will be held in San Francisco on April 18th, so you can count on me checking out the event to report the event from a hands on persepective.  As it states on the Capcom Unity blog, the event is open to the public and will be a Street Fighter extravaganza and will have some special surprises announced soon.  Anyway hit the jump for a list of the finalists, and stay tuned to GAredux for coverage of this event!


Presenting…the FINALISTS!

Plano, Texas – David Hem – C.Viper
San Jose, California – Chris “CSB” – Balrog
Chamblee, Georgia – Mike Ross – E.Honda
New York, New York – Justin Wong – Rufus
Irondequoit, New York – Rahsaan “EvilRahsaan” – Dhalsim
Glendale, Arizona – Juicebox Abel – Abel
Chicago, Illinois – Ari “Floe” Weintraub – Sagat
Tukwila, WA – Jason “A-Dhalsim” Cole – Balrog
Louisville, Kentucky – Jason “DreamTR” Wilson – M. Bison
Bloomington, Minnesota – Kyle “Coyotegrey” – Zangief
New Jersey, New Jersey – Christian “CapMaster” O’Hanlon – Sagat
Orlando, Florida – Trent “GimmeThemShoes” Vandeven – ???
La Place, Louisiana – “jakob002” – M. Bison
Halethorpe, Maryland – Eric “Ramza” Kim – Sagat
Maumee, Ohio – Antawn Ortiz – Balrog


One Response to “SFIV National Tournament Finalists!!”

  1. mornaur Says:

    Playing with the normal 360 controller is trash. I have probably anywhere from a 50% to 75% success rate on specials, depending on which one. I use the analog stick, because I can’t do anything with the D-pad. 😦

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