GDC 09: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks trailer


Its all over the internet now!  New screenshots and (most importantly) the trailer  of the recently announced Zelda game for the DS, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.  Much to my approval, this new Zelda game will keep the amazing cel-shaded graphics of Wind Waker and the gameplay of Phantom Hourglass.

But I know why you are here….check out the trailer and a couple of screenshots (courtesy of Destructoid) after the jump!

The first thing you see in this trailer is a large, sprawling grassy plain….there is a train chugging along on the tracks.  The camera zooms in and you see the conductor of this train..and its Link!  The easy comparison that can be made is that the train is alot like the boat from Wind Waker.  Throughout the trailer you can see the train shoot bombs, and help Link get across the world (Hyrule?).  I’m a little hesitant about this only because the boat parts of Wind Waker were my least favorite parts. Hopefully, the game will manage to keep this part of the game interesting, and if the cows on the tracks are any indication, Nintendo may deliver on this front.


Also in the trailer is our first view at the dungeons and weapons.  We get a sneak peak at some puzzles and “take up two screen” bosses that are indicative of the Zelda games we know and love.  We also see some weapon gameplay. Naturally, the boomerang can be seen utilizing the same touch controls.  There is one really interesting part of the trailer…it seems like you will be able to control a statue reminiscent of those found in Phantom Hourglass.  As seen in the trailer, you draw on the screen to tell the statue where to go, which allows for some interesting battle mechanics.  In fact, the press release states:

“The concept behind this Zelda game includes utilizing a steam locomotive to travel around the world, switching Phantom and Link to explore the dungeons, and solving puzzles using new items.”


Only time will tell what other weapons we have to look forward to, but all I can say is that I’m SUPER EXCITED for this game.  There are tons of new concepts in this game, and this just makes me realize that Nintendo is still chock full of ideas. ❤


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