GDC 09: OnLive, a gaming service for your PC

GDC is just beginning and already the news coming out of it is quite intriguing.  Spotted on IGN’s GDC coverage is the preview of OnLive, an on-demand videogame service for your PC.  If OnLive has their way, you won’t need to purchase consoles any more!

The idea behind OnLive is that, if you have a computer screen and a broadband connection, you can access games that are stored online for you to play whenever you’d like (grant it you purchase or rent them of course).  But what about PC specs, you ask?  That’s where OnLive offers something new….all of the games will be stored on the server side of things, which will basically allow you to play graphic intensive games such as Crysis, regardless of your own personal PC power.

Only time will tell how effective this may be, and that time may be sooner than we think.  OnLive plans to have an invitational beta through the summer with a planned launch of around winter 2009.  Check out the trailer below for what the interface looks like, and read the IGN article to find out lots more about this possibly revolutionary service.

IGN: GDC 09: OnLive Introduces The Future of Gaming.


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