Blue Dragon Impressions


What in the hell happened to dragons?  When I was a youngster, we had one dragon color: green.  And we were thankful to have even them.

But now, Mistwalker Studios  (formed by some of the guys responsible for Final Fantasy) have brought us a new color for some reason that I’m not entirely sure of.  Maybe green dragons sprouting out of the backs of little kids might make some people feel a little icky (remember, blue is the good guy color in the JRPG trope-o-sphere anyway).

Hit the jump for my impressions on our green-challenged title.Before we start, let’s get one thing straight: Blue Dragon does absolutely nothing new.  I rarely use bold, so that should let you know that I’m being serious.

The visuals are straight out of Dragonball Z, the gameplay is essentially Final Fantasy V (job-system based), and the plot…well, let’s just skip over it.  I typically do, and I’m playing through the game.  Suffice it to say that a bad guy that looks a lot like this:freeza_mugshotis trying to murder everyone for some incomprehensible (likely evil) reason.  Don’t ask for motivation more subtle or layered, cause it ain’t happenin’.

Still, around hour 6 I’m still enjoying the game even though I’ve been running around on a dungeon-like treadmill for almost all of my time.  Even though Blue Dragon borrows from every JRPG conceit known to man, they do it in style and (most importantly) leave some of the more annoying ones buried right where they are (read: tedious grinding).

P.S.–Over half my anger at the game is caused by the little bitch (Marumaro)  below:

marumaro1And yes, his voice sounds just like he looks.  Imagine a thousand cats being tortured by red-hot knives for hours–maybe days–on end…

Blue Dragon is nothing special yet, but it’s sure not bad.  Will keep you updated!


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