Resident Evil 5: SF Launch Party!


It was a brisk night.  All seemed quiet when I ascended the escalator of the Powell Street BART station.   Walking up Powell, I saw people walking around unaware that tonight was a very special night.  The time has finally come….for Resident Evil 5!   To celebrate the launch, Capcom and Gamestop held a launch party under a huge tent at Union Square.  I had the opportunity to go to this event with Ben PerLee of Read on to see what you missed by not living on the West Coast!

I arrived late to the event, and the line to get in was not long at all.  Just for getting through the line, you are given a Resident Evil 5 poster and a T-shirt….its not that easy however, right through the doors, B.S.A.A agents were on hand to perform a wand search and make sure you arent trying to pass through with any T-Viruses or anything.  Once inside, there was a DJ spinning some tunes, a place to sign up for the raffles that were on going all night, a “scream contest” (person who can scream the loudest wins a prize), and a meet and greet with the voice actors of Resident Evil 5.  Also on hand through-out the night were girls passing out energy drinks to the crowd, to keep them going all night.


Also in the tent was a separate area with tons of Xbox 360’s and full retail copies of the game being played.  Keeping a careful watch over the gamers, and on hand to answer any questions were many Capcom employees including Seth Killian and Shawn Baxter (Snow) of Capcom-Unity blog.  I just wanted to say here that I absolutely adore every single Capcom employee that I have had the pleasure meeting….Capcom has long been my favorite 3rd party game publisher, and I feel so honored to meet lots of the cool people that work there.  Seth and I had the chance to chat about what we’d like to see in the next Resident Evil game, and I told him all about how if MvC2 HD Remix comes out, I will be the happiest guy in the world. 😀


Like promised, an announcement was made that night, and it was what has been rumored the past couple of days. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles for the Wii is the follow up to the fairly well received on rails shooter, Umbrella Chronicles.  RE: The Darkside Chronicles will follow the story of Resident Evil 2 and fill in some of the gaps left in the story of the Umbrella Chronicles.  While I like that the Wii is getting some Resident Evil love I dont think I’m alone in wishing the announcement were a game much more along the vein of Resident Evil 4.


Anyway, all in all it was a fun event. I had a chance to schmooze with people in the industry, have a couple of free beers and get an autograph from Jessica Chobot of IGN!  Check out the gallery on the site to see some pictures, and keep your eye out for Destructoid’s coverage of the event (with tons of my pictures!) Thanks Dtoid, for arranging this for me!


2 Responses to “Resident Evil 5: SF Launch Party!”

  1. joshhest Says:

    Chobot!!!!!!!!!!! So jealous!!!!!

  2. ben perlee Says:

    It was pretty damn fun! Although the free energy drinks made me sick…

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