Carts Before Horses, etc.

Glad that someone has the right idea about DLC:

“It’s getting to the point where downloadable content is almost a given for any videogame worth its place in the market. We’ve come to expect it, and when you’re even talking about DLC for Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, you know we’re entering a bold new era.

Luckily for us, Quantic Dream has its priorities straight, and has explained that its primary focus is on making the finished product before moving onto any possible extras…”

Praise be!  Between this, Burnout Paradise, and The Lost & the Damned, I think developers might actually be starting to comprehend how DLC should work…


One Response to “Carts Before Horses, etc.”

  1. Thats my biggest problem with DLC now…it seems like DLC is forced on most games.

    “What? We could easily just include these extra costumes on disk? Why dont we just charge people for them later?!”

    I feel like DLC is decided on before the game isnt even released and thus, the game as shipped suffers for it.

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