PAX registration has begun!

PAX. There aren’t many words that can describe this event to the fullest other than PAX. Those three letters, when placed in that order, instantly bring joy and happiness to every gamer. Remember when you were younger and saw pictures of E3….and wished you could go be among all the latest games? Well, PAX is the new E3 for the public….our gaming mecca to the west.

I went to PAX last year, and I can honestly say my life has changed because of it. I have close friends in all parts of the world, I’ve been to invite only industry events and parties, had a blog published on the front page of even (<3). That’s just part of the magic of PAX. When you get people together that all have a common love its easy to make friends.

I fully encourage everyone who is reading this (all 4 of you) to attend PAX. If you go, it will be one of the greatest times of your life. Guaranteed. Click here for the registration page!



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