SFIV Intro Theme is Amazing.

SFIV is coming to consoles VERY SOON, and I am so excited. Imagine my feelings when the intro video was linked to on Dtoid’s IRC.

So, this is amazing. Not only is the art really awesome, but there is what sounds like a boyband pop song as the intro music.

I’m so happy 🙂

Halfway through the video, the song changes to an epic and more traditional sounding battle theme. In the Japanese version of the intro, the pop song plays throughout the whole video; but judging from the youtube comments and comments in IRC, I can understand why Capcom decided to cut the pop song short.

Get pumped!! INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!


One Response to “SFIV Intro Theme is Amazing.”

  1. SFIV is overhyped Says:

    horrible intro theme song …

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