With gaming being such an expensive hobby, finding the best places to buy is a necessity.  The most common ways to find a good price on software is to buy on Amazon.com, or maybe seeing if Best Buy is offering a gift-card with a game purchase.  Well it appears that a new contender has entered the ring as one of the best places for gamers to spend there hard earned dollars, and that place is 7-Eleven.  That’s right, not only is 7-Eleven breaking street dates, but it seems they may be making the hobby cheaper as well.

Hit the jump to find out how.

So last night Jesse and I heard that a nearby 7-Eleven was selling both Fallout 3 and Gears of War 2 for only $30. Of course we had to check it out, and sure enough there they sat, marked down to half off. Jesse was able to pick up Fallout, but unfortunately they were out of GoW2. We left the store one of us glowing with joy, the other left a very sad panda.

This morning I awoke determined to find the same deal at another store.  I went to two 7-Elevens, the first didn’t have the game nor the deal, the second store had the game, but apparently no deal as well.  I told the lady at the counter that I had seen GoW2 for $30 last night on the other side of town at another 7-Eleven, she looked at me puzzled and told me that it was definitely $60 and then tried to sell me some 3 year old games that were around $25.  I told her that those were not games I was interested in, but I would get a doughnut.  It was at this moment something awesome happened, she told me she would sell me the game for $40.  Needless to say I purchased the game and saved 20 bucks.

I am not sure what actually happened here.  It may have been that the store Jesse got his game from was trying to clear some shelf space, but in doing so he was undercutting the price of all the other 7-Elevens around town.  Regardless of his intentions, he gave me the opportunity to see how ill equipped these corner stores are to sell higher priced merchandise.  The person who I purchased the game from didn’t even bother to call the other store to verify my story, maybe she was scared of finding out it was true.  I was just happy to find that the art of bartering is still alive and well in the USA, and I may be trying my hand at it on future purchases.


2 Responses to “7-11=Savings”

  1. Amazing 😀 Glad to see you got the game at a discount! We need to have a GAredux Horde Mode night and some Co-op runs 😀

  2. The doughnut thing made me LOL.

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