Majesco Entertainment announces “Go Play Lumberjax” for the Wii

If you’ve been waiting patiently since the dawn of videogames to have your lumberjack hobby brought to the game world, you dont have much longer to wait!  Today, Majesco Entertainment, makers of titles such as Cooking Mama and Cake Mania, has announced the release of their “Go Play” series.  This series will bring waggle party games to the Wii (since there is a shortage of those), but in very interesting ways.  The first title to be seen on store shelves this spring is “Go Play Lumberjax”.

Go. Play….. Lumberjax.

I cant begin to describe how ridiculous this sounds, but I will try. First of all, I highly doubt that there is a Venn diagram that exists which places Lumberjacks and Gamers even remotely close together.  Can you imagine trying to tie the Wiimote wriststrap around a lumberjacks hands?  I’m sure for this game, those straps are a necessity- I could see a lumberjack flailing his arm and tossing the Wiimote through a brick wall.

Second, it is spelled with an ‘x’. ‘X’!!!  In case lumberjacking wasn’t Xtreme enough for you, we have to make sure you know that this lumberjack game will be Totally Gnarly and Wicked Awesome to the MAXX!

One statement amongst the already ridiculous press releaser stood out to me.  Gui Karyo, the Exec. VP of Operations had this to say about the Go Play series.  These games “intermix every day activities with imagination to define an overarching label that means ‘motion-based fun for everyone.”  Apparently, Majesco believes that lumberjacking (read: lumberjaxing) is as common place as brushing your teeth.

I can’t wait to see what this game will look like.  And I may just rent it.  When I want to feel manly while waggling.


One Response to “Majesco Entertainment announces “Go Play Lumberjax” for the Wii”

  1. I guess if there was a Job that could have a motion controle based game, lumberjack is the best candidate. I might buy this for my sister in law since she is looking for a Job right now.

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