Goodbye, Sweet Midway


Midway filed for bankruptcy today.  Let us please have a moment of silence for Mortal Kombats past, and all those that will no longer have a chance to come to be.

More seriously, somebody better buy the rights to NBA JAM.  It actually deserves a comeback… : (

We may never see thee, dear NBA Jam...

We may never see thee, dear NBA Jam...


7 Responses to “Goodbye, Sweet Midway”

  1. NBA Jam is on my “All-Time” list. Played that game to death on my Genesis. Even more than Street Fighter 2 and the first Sonic games. I don’t know about a comeback though. Nowadays, all the sports games are going for realism (NHL ’09). Not sure how they’d make the slam-dunk-from-across-the-court work. Maybe cel-shading? 😀

  2. Ask Jesse…I’m sure he would believe that cel-shading can improve almost any game (though after playing Eternal Sonata I tend to agree).

  3. tactixdtoid Says:

    Cel-shading FTW!

  4. Told you…

  5. Well it was pretty expected, but its pretty sad to see such an iconic nuisness fall. I will miss you Rampage.

  6. I used to love Rampage long ago, but I typically got distracted hitting my Players 2 & 3.

    Really, really distracted. Like 4 Swords distracted.

  7. Zelda Four Swords? The most epic 4-player game besides Left 4 Dead? ❤

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