Mad World Gameplay Footage!


The NY Comic con is taking place, and not only do we get a large collection of nerds in superhero outfits, but we also get the chance to see some of the latest games. There were a surprisingly large amount of games available to play at the Comic-con, and among those was Madworld from Sega.

Many people have their eyes on this game, not only due to the dry spell that has been the Wii library in recent months, but since this is a Mature game sure to add validity to the statment that the Wii “isn’t just for kids”. The recently released Madworld gameplay trailer, embedded below, gives us a little more insight to the game besides what was seen in screenshots and teaser trailers. For my thoughts on the trailer keep on reading after the jump!

As you can see in the gameplay trailer, there are a couple of things that I’m excited by.  First off, the game looks GREAT in motion.  I was a fan of the art style the moment I saw it.  Something about the juxtaposition of the black and white world with the splatters of red blood.  Watching the blood splatter out of wounds caused by a chainsaw through the torso fly and land on a white surface just looks great.  To me, this reminds me slightly of the feeling I got when I first saw Wind Waker in action (great comparison I know :D).  There is something about a great art style above words like “anti-aliasing” that will win me over every time.

Another thing we notice is the use of the Wii Remote.  As noticed in the footage there are points where the waggle comes into play.  The waggle use was one thing I was concerned about.  As with any Wii game, I enjoy the motion control, but am worried that a game will overdo it.  The gameplay trailer shows that motion control is being used for interesting situations, such as slamming the opponent into the ground like a pendulum or defending from weapon clashes.

However it seems you will not only use the motion control in special situations, but also in regular combat.  Videos I’ve seen off of IGN shows a guy throwing enemies into fans (read: FANS!!!) by flicking the controller.  Naturally all this motion control began to worry me a bit so I looked into it.  According to this preview written long ago on IGN, it seems that only the accelerometer of the Wii Remote will be used.  That seems appropriate, since having to point your remote to the screen to be precise just doesnt seem good for this type of game.

All in all, I’m getting really excited by this game.  Developers and games like these are exactly what the Wii needs now to boost their library and remove this notion that the Wii is just a dust collector.  When this game releases in exactly a month, I’m sure there will be some people out there regretting their decision to sell their Wii instead of sticking by it. I will have no sympathy while I cut people up with my RETRACTABLE CHAINSAW!! BBBBBZZZZZZTTTTTTT!


Retractable Chainsaw??  That is like the best weapon ever!


2 Responses to “Mad World Gameplay Footage!”

  1. I am really interested to see how this game ends up. The one concern I have though is the look of the game. After watching the trailer it seems like a lot of things will blend together, possible making it hard to follow the action on screen.

  2. I’m pretty excited about this one, since I loved No More Heroes so much.

    Which, if you guys that have Wiis haven’t played, shame on you!

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