Guitar Hero World Record GET!

Breaking News!! On Feb 6th, Danny Johnson, a 14-year-old of Grapevine, TX, set a world record for “Through the Fire and Flames” on GHIII. And he didn’t just get this score in his living room next to his action figures…Danny performed his record setting performance at a Best Buy store in Midtown New York. Guinness World Records was on hand document his accomplishment and to promote Guinness World Records 2009 Gamer’s Edition.

The New York Times, as well as Entertainment Weekly and other blogs, have run this story, and there are a few fun quotes. The NYT describes Guitar Hero III to its common everyday reader as a game that requires players to “rack up points by hitting buttons on a plastic guitar controller in time to the music“. No strumming involved apparently (:P). And, you may be wondering how he accomplished it, and the NYT has you covered for that information! “You really have a choice of using Star Power during Red Snake or during the Twin Solo,” he said, referring to guitar passages in “Through the Fire and Flames.”

As far as the event is concerned, Danny scored a 973,954, which beat the previous record holder, Chris Chike’s previous score of 899,703. He also came very close to playing all 3,722 notes perfectly; his streak only ending due to a malfuctioning blue button (“I swear! It wasnt me, it
was the controller!!”)….more after the jump!

Danny told NYT that he has destroyed 80 “plastic guitars” in the past nine months through his constant use, which has also helped him in real life. Not only does he claim that being good on GH made him a better guitar player in real life, but he has landed an endorsement deal with, a gaming team and event promoter,

I think that this a crazy awesome accomplishment, especially considering he did this for an event in front of tons of people. Performing videogames in front of crowds always freaks me out, and ultimately makes me perform far worse than just me in front of my TV screen. I just can’t handle the pressure….good to see that there are 14-year-olds out there to handle that pressure in my stead 😛

Anyway, check out Danny playing “Through the Fire and Flames” on his Youtube video below!(Username: GuitarHeroPhenom….you think he thinks he is good?)


One Response to “Guitar Hero World Record GET!”

  1. Wow, I never knew GH was this serious…

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