Dokapon Journey DS

Atlas has become one of my favorite publishers in recent years. They are definitely providing very unique and amazing gaming experiences (see: Persona 3 and 4). Atlus has recently announced their newest foray into the handheld market with Dokapon Journey DS.

Dokapon Journey is a very interesting game which is can best be described as a Mario Party RPG. The game takes place on a board upon which you must roll a dice to move spaces. Different spaces allow for fighting monsters which will enable you to level up your character and get money to buy weapons. Its an interesting premise made even more exciting by the fact that you are basically competing with your friends in a Mario Party sense to attain the highest level, get the most money, and all around be the best. (aroooound! No one’s ever gonna keep you down!)

Screenshots and the press release after the jump!

Atlas themselves call this game “friendship destroying”, and if it plays like the recently released Dokapon Kingdom for the Wii, it most certainly will be. I can personally attest to being pissed at one of my friends while playing this game, since he was a thief and kept stealing my stuff (daaaaaamn you!!!). Anyway, the DS version WILL include up to 4 players with both single and multi-card modes, so take the game on your family trips and have your parents disown you!

I really enjoyed my time with the Wii version, so I’m looking forward to picking up the DS version. And you should be too. Because I don’t want to be your friend anymore.

About Dokapon Journey
The Kingdom of Dokapon is in peril! Desperate to do away with the monster invasion that has overrun his land, the King has offered his crown and the hand of his daughter, Princess Penny, to whoever can restore peace once again. Heroes from distant lands rise to the call, but with multiple adventurers offering to assist in the struggle, each eagerly eyeing the prizes that await the champion of Dokapon, they must now fight amongst themselves to save the kingdom and claim their reward!

Key Features
Irresistible board game-RPG combination – This board game and RPG fusion will make you think strategy like never before on Nintendo DS! Customization, strategy, and depth are all yours as you squeeze battling, leveling up, conquering towns, and much more into each turn.
Playing dirty is the name of the game – This is all-out, winner-take-all competition, where the system favors those that know how to fight dirty! Jump into someone else’s fight, finish off the enemy, and snatch the experience. Mow down your competition and take a reward from their inventory. Use special items to slow down or injure those who get in your way!
Total multiplayer experience – The zany head-to-head-to-head (-to-head) competition of board games is in full force whether you play alone or in a group! Assign control of each character to a human or one of three computer play styles. Get your friends together, and up to 4 can play in single- or multi-card mode!

Dokapon Journey has been rated “E10+” (Everyone 10 and older) with Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes, and Simulated Gambling by the ESRB.


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