Wii Shop Releases: Feb 2, 2009

Its time for the announcement of the Wii Shop Releases for the week of Feb 2, 2009! There are two announced WiiWare titles and one new game for the Virtual Console.


First up, we have Snowboard Riot (Hudson Entertainment). Priced at $10 (1000 Wii Points) this game will put that Wii Balance Board stored under your coffee table to use. This game involves racing down the snow slopes and enables for multiplayer races through the use of Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Connection.

Second, yet another puzzle game for the Wii, titled LONPOS (Nintendo). Priced at $8 (800 Wii Points), this puzzle game can be compared to a glorified jigsaw puzzle. There is a rectangular playing field and the goal is to fit 12 differently shaped pieces into the playing field so that they fill up every space- the higher the level, the more pieces you need to fit in the playing field. LONPOS will use the Wi-Fi connection so you can check a sort of leaderboard as well as download new puzzles/backgrounds (microtransactions FTL).

Virtual Console

The VC this week gives us Sonic Chaos (Sega Master System). This one I’m pretty happy about. Sonic Chaos was the first Sonic game to feature the lovable Miles “Tails” Prower, and was released for the Game Gear as well. I didnt have the Master System, but I did have te Game Gear version. I definitely played this game for the hour and a half that my Game Gear was allowed to be on at a time before I had to change the batteries. Now while I wouldnt say this was the best Sonic game I played, it was fun, and it wasn’t a modern Sonic game. Automatically, that makes it a winner. 😛 (500 Wii Points)


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