Why I Love….Jill Valentine

I am full of love. For life, for friends, and for games. You could say that maybe I love too many things. I tend to be slightly (read: very) over-enthusiastic about things that I like, so much that you will here me describing everything I talk about as “the BEST THING EVER” (in a true Chad Concelmo fashion). So I decided, why not harness that enthusiasm into a blog! This will be the first in my “Why I Love….” series

Why I Love…..Jill Valentine.

There are many reasons why I chose to write about Jill Valentine. First, as you most likely know, Resident Evil 5 will be coming out fairly soon (OMGOMG). This has brought about a renewed interest in RE series all over the internet. Second, Jill Valentine has held a special place in my retro-heart ever since I was first introduced to her character…a place that exists to this day. And finally…because she is MINE, regardless of what a certain Suff0cat might say.

I now present to you, Why I Love….Jill Valentine.

1) Jill Valentine is one tough cookie

This reason is very obvious. How many video game heroines do you know have survived not one, but TWO zombie situations? After surviving the hellhole that was the Umbrella mansion, you would think that she could just go home and take a nap. But nooooo, right where RE1 leaves off, she is dropped into the world of RE3:Nemesis, and has to take on, not only the city of zombies, but also Nemesis….one of the most formidable foes in gaming history. To fight him and the hoards of zombies, she can wield a lighter, handgun, knife, shotgun, and rocket launcher to say the least. When the inevitable zombie apocalypse comes, I know I’ll be safe around Jill.

2) Jill Valentine is the master of unlocking

Barry said it best. Jill is the “master of unlocking”. Being able to unlock certain doors from the get-go was one of the best parts about playing with Jill. (That and her ability to hold 8 items FTW) Something you may not know, but I do since I actually read all the novelizations, is that they reason she is so good at lockpicking is because her father, Dick Valentine, was a professional thief, and Jill was his accomplice until turned over a new leaf and began working for S.T.A.R.S. So not only can she kill lots of zombies, she can also steal things Oceans Eleven style. That’s hot.

3) Jill Valentine looks great in a beret

See picture.

4) Jill Valentine has a versatile opponent history

Remember when I said Jill fought zombies and Nemesis? Well, Jill was also in an amazing game that you might have heard about…Marvel vrs. Capcom 2 (*swoon*). In this game, she fights against 55 different opponents. From Amingo and Akuma, all the way to Wolverine and Zangief. How well does she fare? Just take a look!

So there you have it. Why I Love Jill Valentine. Resident Evil 5 is just weeks away, and I cant wait to play it….and even though there have been rumors on the internet about Jill’s death, and lots of speculation about it, I just know that a woman that tough didn’t go down that easy (or at all? Do I smell coverup?) Hope you enjoyed reading!


3 Responses to “Why I Love….Jill Valentine”

    So have you played RE5 yet? The game is awesome right!

  2. I have! I just beat it last night and let say I can add a couple of points to this article now 😛

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hey man you’re right! she was awesome in Marvel VS Capcom 2!!!

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