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Nintendo Wii Upcoming Lineup

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Nintendo recently released a list of their upcoming games for the Wii. Now most gamers agree that the Wii has been lacking in their game library, at least compared to all the great games that have been released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. So what do we have to look forward to in the coming months from Nintendo?

Newly announced for this spring from Nintendo, we have Excitebots: Trick Racing (April 20), Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat (Mat 4) and Punch-Out (May 18). Out of these three, I’m naturally most excited for Punch-Out. I remember playing the old Punch-Out on the NES and just having a blast. Hopefully Nintendo will capture the nostalgia of yesteryear while innovating with the motion controls. Of course it remains to be seen whether the controls actually work well or are just a gimmick that fails to deliver.

In this same press release, there is a full list of games that have already been announced. How do those games sound? I have to say that I’m excited about New Play Control: Pikmin (Nintendo, March 9), The Conduit (Sega, June), and Boom Blox BASH PARTY (Spring, EA). I never had a chance to play the original Pikmin, so I think it will be fun to try that with new motion contols. The Conduit is a new first person shooter from Sega that I’ve actually had my eye on since PAX. I remember thinking the graphics were still a bit rough, but from what I’ve heard they have really been making strides since then in the areas of graphics and controls. And Boom Blox was a much under-appreciated, amazingly fun game for the Wii that is (thankfully) getting a sequel. Hopefully, EA will actually try to promote this game so it can get the sales that it deserves.

Anyway, hit the jump to read the press release as it pertains to Wii titles…there is also information on upcoming DS games, but I’ll give my thoughts and post that info later!

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What’s Up w/ Microsoft???

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xboxheteroFor those curious (no pun intended) go here [MTV].

Street Fighter IV Comic

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From Ctrl-Alt-Del…

Has this happened to any of you yet?

Has this happened to any of you yet?

Carts Before Horses, etc.

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Glad that someone has the right idea about DLC:

“It’s getting to the point where downloadable content is almost a given for any videogame worth its place in the market. We’ve come to expect it, and when you’re even talking about DLC for Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, you know we’re entering a bold new era.

Luckily for us, Quantic Dream has its priorities straight, and has explained that its primary focus is on making the finished product before moving onto any possible extras…”

Praise be!  Between this, Burnout Paradise, and The Lost & the Damned, I think developers might actually be starting to comprehend how DLC should work…

Lost and the Damned

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gta4lostBesides having one of the coolest logos of all time, the Lost and the Damned is a full-featured, beautifully conceived piece of DLC that no self-respecting-wannabe-biker-dude should be without.

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Review: Lost Odyssey

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I can’t remember the last traditional turn-based RPG I played. Actually, I can. Final Fantasy VII way back during freshman year of college. Jesse will probably remember me taking the time to breed that Golden Chocobo so I could run to the mountain to obtain the overpowered Knights of the Round summon spirit. Since then, it seems the entire genre has moved away from that type of gameplay. Games like Fallout 3 and Mass Effect are coming out to be the new face of the RPG world. To me, these changes are new, refreshing, and good for the genre overall.

But damn, Final Fantasy VII was some good times, no? For those longing for that nostalgic feel, but don’t want to go back and play FF7 for the 15th time, Lost Odyssey is here for you…

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PS3’s Spring Art Show

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Can a commercial video games be a piece of art?  I think it is obvious that they can, however I do feel that the scope of games falling into this category is very limited.  Few  games I have played would seem at home in both an art gallery as well as a living room, but in the past few weeks two games have been able to fall into that category for me.  Both Flower and Noby Noby Boy have the ability to walk the line between video games and interactive art.  The interesting thing is that both games seem to accomplish this in very different ways.

Hit the jump to see how.

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