The Rebirth of GA?

There comes a time when as men we look back upon what we had created and remember the good old days. I recently stumbled back upon this site and had a surge of memories about the GA, Rice, and how much fun blogging for Gamers Anonymous was.

Since then, we have all gone on to do different things, our lives have become busy, and yet, GA Redux still stands.

As of late, I have seen my childhood dreams slowly materialize. Who would have known that in graduate school for chemistry, of all places, I would meet and get to know people who work in gaming journalism….a job that as a kid playing games I always wished I had. Thanks to Destructoid and all my friends there, I have even had a small taste of this world. I’ve been invited to exclusive Capcom events, gone to house parties for Sega employees, met Seth Killian of Capcom, Jeff Gerstmann of Giant Bomb, Alex Navarro of Harmonix, Aubrey Norris of Southpeak Games, and most of the wonderful editors at Destructoid.

At Destructoid, I’ve started a weekly community blog series that has been well received, and have launched the Destructoid San Francisco community mailer and become “leader” of the SF Dtoid Community, planning parties and get togethers (such as Wondercon at the end of February!!)

I’ve been loving my involvement with Destructoid, and have come down with the blogging FEVER! (I think I need more cowbell…) Which is why when I see this old site, I see potential…maybe not to be an amazing gaming blog, but at least to bring back what the GA was…close friends talking about the games that brought them together 😀

Not pictured…the sexy Altobelli, the incomparable Andy, the obsessive Mark Chen and my brother, hononary member of the GA

So…Josh, Jason, Siu, Elliot, Mark, Jr. Our mission, should you choose to accept it, is to bring the GA back! Gaming news. Feature articles. Gaming Impressions. Maybe a review here and there. I think it would be awesome to bring back this site, as a hobby and a way to relive the days of the 2nd North suite 😀

As I used to say….Level up!


One Response to “The Rebirth of GA?”

  1. Motion to redux GA seconded.

    Love you Jesse!

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