New Street Fighter Website Launched

[Edit: Turns out the site is temporarily down until further notice….Sad Panda…-Jesse]

In honor of the upcoming SF4 (which I’m anxiously awaiting!) and celebrating 20 years of SF love, members of Team SFD have launched a new site that has the largest collection of Street Fighter images on the internet! The announcement is below:

Team SFD is pleased to announce that their latest website “Street Fighter” has just launched, complete with OVER ONE THOUSAND Street Fighter images, archiving over 20 years of history and culture! Fans will find High Resolution and Extremely Rare Street Fighter art by Akiman, Bengus, Shinkiro, Ikeno, Edayan, Kinu, Shoei, Udon Crew and more, each at a resolution up to an unprecedented 1500 Pixels in height/width.

“It took us a very long time to create this website; almost as long as it took for us to build Street Fighter Devotion. In the end, we are very pleased with the results. Our continued love for Street Fighter, Capcom and its Fans has led us to build extensive community websites such as these, and we will continue to grow parallel with the series. We hope you enjoy the website.” – SFD

While Street Fighter Devotion focuses on Merchandise History, Street Fighter HD focuses on Art History. Both websites are independent from each other, and will continue to support the Street Fighter community in their unique ways.

So if you want some new backgrounds, buddy icons, or just want to check out the wonderful art history of one of Capcom’s most beloved series, you should check this site out! (Cammy pics, here I come!)

[via Capcom-Unity blog]


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