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Mega64: Final Fantasy XII

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I love Mega 64..


Rock Band footage from Gamespot!

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Ummm…yeah…despite the fact that these people playing look like fucktards while they play…


He Will Die. Soon.

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Yes, my friends ps3 broke.

He came round mine explaining that his PS3 just died for no reason.
I asked him if he used any buggerd games, dvds, or blu-ray. He said no. I asked him if he dropped it etc. No, no no.

So I went round his to have a look. He had put black duct tape over the air vents. All of them.

I said ‘why have you put duct tape over the vents?’

He replys with this:

‘I am really cautious about my ps3. I really look after it. I don’t want dust getting inside it so I covered up the holes to stop dust from getting in.’

I was in tears.