Zombies Again

In case you guys missed it, the Wii is getting RE4 on June 19th. No joke, either. I actually confirmed this w/ the guys over at Gamestop.


3 Responses to “Zombies Again”

  1. Thanks for the reminder!

    I actually have this pre-ordered here, and am thinking about getting both Super Mario Strikers and the Umbrella chronicles when it comes out.

    Which games are you looking forward to?

  2. I really want to play Strikers too. I’m not sure about UC yet, but the rest of this year’s lineup is going to rock the house.

    P.S. – Wasn’t really worried about you missing it…

  3. Are they trying to find out how many times I will play this game before my head explodes! FUCK YOU CAPCOM.

    Seriously, they promised a laser in the PS2 version. Lasers. And you know what? THERE WAS NO LASER.


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