Now THAT’s what I call a crane game….you pay $2 and you get your chance to win a LOBSTER!
I could totally kick ass at this game and win us all a great feast!



4 Responses to “”

  1. Crane Owner in Japanese over a cell phone to his business partner:

    “…So this fuckin’ Mexican came in this afternoon and in 45 minutes he had cleaned out the whole Goddamn tank! Fuckin’ Mexican…”

    He smokes a cigarette and proceeds to smash his cell phone on the ground in anger.

  2. Do the Japanese even know what a Mexican is??

    I wonder….could Jason possibly enlighten us?

  3. Why the fuck does it say ebi on it (shrimp)? Those look like lobsters t me…

  4. Not really. In my experience, most Asians (you know, in Asia) think that Mexicans are white people.

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