So I’m currently playing Super Paper Mario, and although I’m only to world 4 I agree with everything that Jesse wrote. The dialogue is a riot; everytime Bleck speaks it’s priceless. He talks like he’s narrating his own speech. It’s almost worth playing for the dialogue alone. Good thing the rest of the game is good too… but thanks to OCD I find myself flipping about every 5 seconds…. I’m glad I have a reason to turn on my Wii again though!

I am also playing pokemon diamond! I was expecting some more significant changes to the game since it was its first showing on a vastly more powerful system, but it’s pretty much the exact same game with new creatures… as usual… but that doesn’t really make it any less fun to play. I’m still enjoying the game thoroughly even after having beaten it (gotta catch em all or try to at least, you know the drill). I was just expecting something a little more fresh…


2 Responses to “BLECK!”

  1. Andy!! Give me your Pokemon friend code!! I’ll send you mine when I get home tonight!

  2. Pokemon? Fresh? Bah!

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