Back in Business!

Hey all!

I’m so excited to have a functioning GA site back up! The other day I was reading the old gamersanon blog and was reminiscing about the good times….

Anyway, like Josh mentioned before, I think it be a cool idea to really maintain this blog as more than just a personal “Mark posts PSO stories” blog. We could possibly update the site with game/movie reviews, (eventually) organize online gaming events, talk about the latest gaming news, etc.

Even cooler (IMO) would be to have like a monthly podcast where we talk about whats going on in our lives and our games….

Anyway, I’m pretty pumped about this new site….so much so that I’m volunteering to do the first game review! If everything goes well, I will beat Super Paper Mario (Wii) on Sunday, and give my thoughts on it by the end of the day!

I look forward to reading everyone’s posts!

Experience gained: 500 exp + Jesse added to the party!


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